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Wegener's Granulomatosis: What is it and What Causes It?

Wegener's granulomatosis (WG) is believed to be an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and constriction of the blood vessels. This disorder can affect the sinuses, the lungs and the kidneys and liver. The organs become compromised because the blood flow to the organs is severely impaired. If a diagnosis is made early, an individual should recover without any serious complications; this condition usually only affects the lungs. However, WG can prove to be fatal when the disease causes the liver or the kidneys to shut down.
What causes? The medical community doesn't know very much about Wegener's granulomatosis. The doctors know more about what Wegener's granulomatosis isn't than what it is. Scientists don't all agree to what causes this disease. Some believe that Wegener's granulomatosis could be caused by toxins in the environment. Others believe that genetics may play a part in this disease. Many in the medical community believe that Wegener's…